Everyone has to start somewhere don’t they?

For me, the “in the beginning” was on my kitchen table.  These early pictures are poor quality I know, but bear with me as I continue to learn and improve.

 Dove Cup Cake Liner Bouquet


And I only have a few of the before and after shots.  I didn’t envision the grander scheme of where this creative hobby of mine would take me :(

Letter Boxes (before

Letter Box (after)

Candlesticks (before)


Christmas Wreath

Twisted Heart

I started wishing I had a better place to create, but just about every corner of my home had (still has) something in it. Then space was created after I finally let go of my very first car – a 1973 VW Super Beetle.  (If I can find pictures, I’ll post about it some day.)  Still emotional after all these years. Anyway, with the departure of the Bug, space was created in the garage … so I slowly, slowly, slowly began cleaning out and reorganizing it for a workshop where I could create. First the cleaning out …

TND Shop (packed)

Unloading the TND Shop

Baskets Galore


Where to Begin

Then the organizing …


TND in the Beginning Shelves

Work Table

TND Work Table


TND Paint

Floras & Props

TND Florals & Props

Furniture Stash

TND Beginning Furniture Stash

And I  began to create

TND First Shop Piece

It may not look like much, but its pretty close to heaven to me.  Being OCD, I’m sure I’ll see something to reorganize every time I enter, but for now, its wonderful!

Thanks for dropping by …  Until next time, I’m

Ms. B.

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