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Meet Clarabelle

Welcome to the creation of Clarabelle.

Using Metal Effects Paint by Modern Masters, this is how she came to be …

First, I primed with Metal Effects Primer and let completely dry, then primed again (per the directions).



Although I liked her this way, I wanted to continue with the entire patina process, so I painted a mix of both Copper and Bronze Reactive Metalic Paint and let dry.



Then another coat.



Before the second coat had completely dried, I sprayed with both Green and Blue Patina Aging Solution, and watched the magic begin.



Before she was completely dry, I took a wet sponge and blotted certain areas that I didn’t want completely patinaed. And more magic occured during the final drying stage.




And a finally dried Clarabelle.


Clarabelle without her necklace I made a little later.


And with …




I barely had her finished before she sold to a good home.

Thanks so much for dropping by.  Until next time, I am

Ms. B

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The Little Pot Project

This little pot project is short and sweet.

I took a clean plant pot …

the pot
I used Annie Sloan’s Old White to paint it, and then came back over with a wet rag until I was happy with the finish.

I then dry brushed another coat of Old White, let it dry (15 minutes tops), and then stuffed it with shredded newspaper.

I then took some left over moss, and using Aleene’s Fast Grab Sticky Spray secured them to the shredded paper, along with burlap ribbon and a button.  For the others, I used newspaper and twine as well as lace tied in a bow.

Little Pot

Pots in various stages of completion, before I added the finishing touch.


Here is one of the finished pots with the wooden sphere in it.

Hope you like it.

Thanks so much for dropping by.  Until next time, I am

Ms. B


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Bessie’s Necklace

Its been very chilly in the shop lately, so in order to continue crafting, I had to use my old standby, the kitchen table.  I’d really like to redo her, but that’s going to have to wait for a bit yet.  Anyhow, here we go.  I made a trip to Hobby Lobby and purchased 8 Boxwood Bushes which were 50% off that day (yeah me).

Boxwood Bush

When I got around to working on the wreath, the first thing I did was to cut each stem off the bush and get that out of the way.

Boxwood Bush

Next, I bunched them up to the top, and cut a couple of inches off each one.

Bunched Boxwood

Cut Stems

After a couple of the bushes were completed, I had a brain-storm.  Why not just bunch each individual stem up to the top, THEN cut it to the appropriate size? Imagine that?  Looks the same to me, and sure does save on the old hands having to cut the stems twice.

Cut Boxwood

Now for the fun part of designing.


A few different poses while I worked around the wreath

And the finished necklace.  It took me about an hour to get the stems ready for the wreath, and about the same time to fill in and finish the wreath.

Boxwood Wreath

Smokey decided he wanted to get in on the fun as well.


And the finished wreath on Bessie.


What do you think?

Thanks so much for dropping by.  Until next time, I am

Ms. B.


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In the Beginning

Everyone has to start somewhere don’t they?

For me, the “in the beginning” was on my kitchen table.  These early pictures are poor quality I know, but bear with me as I continue to learn and improve.

 Dove Cup Cake Liner Bouquet


And I only have a few of the before and after shots.  I didn’t envision the grander scheme of where this creative hobby of mine would take me :(

Letter Boxes (before

Letter Box (after)

Candlesticks (before)


Christmas Wreath

Twisted Heart

I started wishing I had a better place to create, but just about every corner of my home had (still has) something in it. Then space was created after I finally let go of my very first car – a 1973 VW Super Beetle.  (If I can find pictures, I’ll post about it some day.)  Still emotional after all these years. Anyway, with the departure of the Bug, space was created in the garage … so I slowly, slowly, slowly began cleaning out and reorganizing it for a workshop where I could create. First the cleaning out …

TND Shop (packed)

Unloading the TND Shop

Baskets Galore


Where to Begin

Then the organizing …


TND in the Beginning Shelves

Work Table

TND Work Table


TND Paint

Floras & Props

TND Florals & Props

Furniture Stash

TND Beginning Furniture Stash

And I  began to create

TND First Shop Piece

It may not look like much, but its pretty close to heaven to me.  Being OCD, I’m sure I’ll see something to reorganize every time I enter, but for now, its wonderful!

Thanks for dropping by …  Until next time, I’m

Ms. B.

Interested in learning more about me? Click here!

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