This little pot project is short and sweet.

I took a clean plant pot …

the pot
I used Annie Sloan’s Old White to paint it, and then came back over with a wet rag until I was happy with the finish.

I then dry brushed another coat of Old White, let it dry (15 minutes tops), and then stuffed it with shredded newspaper.

I then took some left over moss, and using Aleene’s Fast Grab Sticky Spray secured them to the shredded paper, along with burlap ribbon and a button.  For the others, I used newspaper and twine as well as lace tied in a bow.

Little Pot

Pots in various stages of completion, before I added the finishing touch.


Here is one of the finished pots with the wooden sphere in it.

Hope you like it.

Thanks so much for dropping by.  Until next time, I am

Ms. B